Fujoboard T&C

These T&C expand on and supersede, where applicable, the T&C of The BobaBoard Store.

Due to these being hand made objects using natural materials, no two FujoBoards will be perfectly identical, and may come with small imperfections such as scuffs, natural discoloration and non-uniform color, or rough surfaces where the wood is grainier. Each paddle will be examined before shipping to ensure no major defects go out.

Current images showcasing the Fujoboards are proof of concepts and prototypes. The end product may vary slightly as we fine tune and finalize the available designs. All options provided will be sold at a first come, first serve basis.

The estimated time frame for shipping out the finalized paddles will be within a month from the receipt of the order. Production and delivery times may vary based on demand and an order’s final destination. Any adjustments made to the product (such as a change in manufacturers for the base paddle or offered designs), any delays, and any major changes to this offer will be communicated with buyers in a timely manner though the emails provided at checkout.

Buyers will have until production starts to request any changes or cancellations to their order. All Fujoboard orders ship from California, U.S.A.

See The BobaBoard Store TOS for additional information.